Please be sure if your player brings their soccer ball that their name is on it.  There is no need to bring their own ball as the league coaches should have the soccer balls for the team.

(Games are played during the rain unless a big storm or the lightning detection device activates) There may a possibility that games will not be scheduled during holidays or during other community or school events.

You will be communicated by your coach/manager via email or in person on site for the lightning detection if it activates)

3rd – 8th Grade Girls

Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and/or Saturday Mornings (possible Fri evening)

3rd – 8th Grade Boys

Tuesday and Thursday Evenings, and/or Sunday Afternoons (possible Fri evening)

Grades 3-8th grades will start on 9/5 and will end the weekend of 10/30.

3-4 Grade typically play at 6 and 7pm

5-6 Grade typically play at 6 and 7pm

7-8 Grade typically play at 8 and 9pm

Things your player needs to bring..

  • Water
  • Shin Guards
  • Soccer Cleats
  • NO Jewelry allowed to be worn during play (Safety First)

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