River Edge Central Athletic Council
Code of Conduct Infraction Procedure

All Programs should have at a minimum the 18 Code of Conduct rules as part of their organization and sign-up process
for all Players, Parents, Family Members and Coaches to acknowledge and sign at the time of registration for each
program offered. The Organization may add additional code of conduct rules for their respective programs.
See attached River Edge Recreation Commission Code of Conduct Procedure for Infraction

  1. A parent, child participant or coach can file any code of conduct infraction with a CAC Member program and is a
    function of breaking a code of conduct of the league and or recreation commission by any family member
    participant or coach shall be subject to this formal procedure.
  2. A Board Member designated by the Respective League should then Interview claimant to gather what has
  3. The member should then gather any witness/es that saw the infraction and interview them as well for their
    account of the incident. (All persons interviewed should be kept anonymous to the offender)
  4. After gathering this information, the respective board member should be the reach out to the offending party. The
    should explain the infraction that has been brought against them and then interview that party for their side of the
  5.  The member should then gather any witness/es for the offending party and interview them for their story. (All
    interviewed should be kept anonymous to the claimant)
  6. The Board member who gathered the information should then present to their Board what has occurred and all
    details of the interviewed parties.
  7. The board should review all information and determine if an actual fraction has occurred.
    If the infraction is deemed to be false:
    • The Board should notify the person charged that the infraction is determined to be false.
    If the infraction is deemed to be valid:


  1. The Board should discuss the severity of the claim and depending on the severity should proceed through
    the league disciplinary actions.
  2. Once reviewed by the Board, the league officials should discuss and vote on outcome. Recuse any
    involved or if anyone has any relations with the offending party.
  3. The Board should determine the severity and then decide what the fine should be. These actions can
    include suspension for a minimum of a game and up to a lifetime ban.
  4. The offending party should be notified by letter or email of what the Board has decided and the terms of
    the suspension
  5.  All leagues in the CAC should be notified as well so that they may be aware of potential issues in their
    programs. If the League determines that the offense is beyond their authority the process of notifications should be as
    • The CAC should be notified and take over if deemed action is needing greater severity
    • The next level would then to proceed to the Recreation Commission
    • And if extreme then the Town Lawyer and or Police should be notified